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Bowel Transplant: Isolated bowel transplantReconstruction technique: Laparoscopic Blumgart-style pancreaticojejunostomySegment IVa/VIII liver resection for HCC

Welcome to the Toronto Video Atlas of Liver, Pancreas and Transplant Surgery. This website has been designed to instruct surgeons in the care of patients with complex problems in liver, pancreas and transplant surgery, and highlight the advanced surgical techniques required for the management of these diseases.

The curriculum and cases have been targeted to surgeons who have completed their training in General Surgery and are enrolled in Fellowship training in liver, pancreas and transplant surgery. Additionally, Senior Residents in General Surgery and recently graduated liver, pancreas and transplant surgeons may find the content valuable to their practice.

Video Categories

Patient and family education

For videos specific for patient and family education, please visit our
Patient and Family Education Module of the Video Atlas. This module features 3D computer animations describe the general steps in the procedure, the risks and complications of the surgery, as well as post-operative care and discharge information.

Supported by grants from the Greenberg/Samuel Family, and the Feeney Fellowship Education Fund, through the Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation.