July is demo reel month. We’ve gathered some of the work we’ve done since our last demo reel in 2016.

In case you missed it:

The year of 2018 has been a year of new beginnings for us. We moved into a new office space, and made a new logo, which celebrates our recent expansion and reflects our growing atlas. We have a redesigned website and have categorized our videos so you can find what you’re looking for even faster! You can now browse by both anatomy and by surgical specialties. We also added new surgical specialties to our video atlas, and released our first gynaecology surgery video, and coming up in August, our first obstetrics video will be released!


As we mentioned in our last blog post, our ultimate goal is to become a surgical atlas of all specialities. If you are passionate about education or want to teach your unique surgical procedure to the world, we can help you. We’ve been helping surgeons communicate the subtleties of their craft since 2011, from simple surgical techniques, to complex 24-hour procedures; from transection methods in hepatectomies, to reconstruction variations in vascular grafts; from static patient education illustrations, to interactive VR modules.  And we’re only getting started.

Please don’t hesitate to contact and collaborate with us, it’s never too late to add your chapter.


The TVASurg Team

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