cow liver disxn

In January we shared some of recent extracurricular efforts in dissecting animal organs we procured from local butcher shops. In our latest experiment, we thought it would be beneficial to take what we've learned and observed in filming HPB cases, and try to film ourselves performing a liver transection on a cow's liver. You can check out how we did here:

In addition to a new subject for our on-going photogrammetry research, this also gave us the opportunity to get a sense of what it's like to be filmed from the surgeon's perspective: to have to demonstrate what our hands are doing for the camera. It's a lot harder than it looks! This experience has given us a new appreciation for what surgeons do on a regular basis, and how challenging it can be to focus on the surgical goal while simultaneously maintaining an awareness of the camera's line of sight.

Experimentation has always been a cornerstone of TVASurg, and this video demonstrates one example of our continuing efforts to try out things in order to learn and gain fresh perspectives. Stay tuned for next month's blog for another exciting look at what our experimentations are producing!

– TVASurg Team

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