Surgical Photogrammetry

March 15, 2018News, Research

TVASurg is always looking for new ways to help surgeons teach. As we engage with new opportunities in the VR space, we’ve gained an interest in the potential of using photogrammetry to create assets for our VR modules. Photogrammetry is the science and technology of creating a 3D model based on a series of photographs … Read More

Nanoparticle research in the McGilvray & MacParland Labs – Pt2

February 7, 2018Research

Continuing from last month’s blog post, we’ll look more at the research of Dr. Ian McGilvray on the therapeutic potential of nanoparticles for treating pathologies of the liver. Assistant Scientist Dr. Sonya MacParland generously provided an in-depth perspective. EXPLORING PHENOTYPE & NANOPARTICLE UPTAKEFollowing the Nature Materials publication, the team took a closer look at how different immune cell populations … Read More

Nanoparticle research in the McGilvray & MacParland Labs – Pt1

January 17, 2018Research

Surgeons are fascinated by the disease processes that lead to conditions which require surgical intervention. Because they intervene directly in these disease processes at later stages, surgeons gain a unique vantage point with which to propose the optimal course of treatment for disease at earlier stages. In the following series of blog posts, we’ll be … Read More