High School Outreach Initiative (HSOI) was started by the University of Toronto Transplant Institute and Trillium Gift of Life Network to help raise organ donation awareness in high schools across the Greater Toronto Area. HSOI organizes lectures/talks presented by a healthcare professional from top transplant hospitals in Toronto, along with a donor family or transplant recipient. 


Last year, the TVASURG team had the opportunity to develop a logo for this great initiative. After an initial kickoff meeting, we created a logo design brief to help our design process. This document outlines the goals and objectives of the client, which then helps designers understand who they are designing for and why. 


Some of the key points from the design brief which we kept in mind designing this logo were: 

  • The purpose of HSOI is to encourage communication in youth about transplant and organ donation
  • The logo should be youthful so it can appeal to high school students, but also professional so it represents the value of the organization
  • It should feature four main organs – liver, heart, lung, and kidney.

We presented several logo options for our client. Each option was printed on a separate sheet of paper with two different scales – enlarged and thumbnail. This allows the client to see details of each logo as well as how well the logo scales.

Each option was printed on a separate sheet of paper with two different scales – enlarged and thumbnail. 

Speech bubbles were incorporated in some of the designs to symbolize communication. Hands or silhouettes of teenagers were also considered for representing youth and outreach. We also included a simpler design of 4 overlapping organs with “I” blending into the kidney, combining the text and graphic elements. This was our personal favourite which also turned out to be the client’s as well.

Logo design options for HSOI

After finalizing the design, we provided additional colour choices but with green as the main colour- the official colour for organ donation. Check out their Facebook page to see the final logo (Option 1). 

Colour options for the final logo design.

This project is a little different from our usual 3D work but we enjoy tackling all kinds of visual projects and challenges. Stay tuned for our next update!

The TVASurg team

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