We hope everyone is staying safe and sound during these trying times.

The TVASurg production team has been dutifully working from home, following the guidance of social distancing. We have also learned that many of our clinician colleagues have been utilizing tele-medicine tools to conduct virtual clinic visits, allowing patients to continue access care from the safety of their homes.

To help with virtual clinics, we have decided to give our audience early access to an OB/GYN patient education resource we’ve been working on with  expert surgeons from leading medical institutions:

Please feel free to download these graphics here, and put them to use during tele-medicine sessions.


For our HPB colleagues, we’ve gathered links to our patient education videos that were created throughout the years below. Of note, these videos are accompanied by 3D interactive modules, which can be used in discussions of anatomy as well as surgery:

Patient teaching: Whipple procedure

Patient teaching: Donor hepatectomy

These resources can be easily shared via a weblink, or through the screen-sharing function found in many tele-medicine platforms. We hope these can benefit healthcare workers bravely pushing forward amidst heightened risk conditions, and to patients working through difficult health situations during these trying times.

Thank you again to all our essential frontline workers.

Stay strong, and stay safe.

-The TVASurg team

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