Case Description
  • The patient is a 34-year-old female scheduled to undergo a living donor laparoscopic right hepatectomy for an adult recipient.
  • Preoperative planning determined that adequate remnant volume would require leaving the middle hepatic vein in the donor, resulting in 33% future liver remnant.
  • The planned transection plane extends from the right-middle hepatic groove through the gallbladder fossa.
  • To confirm the line of transection, ICG fluorescence is used to visualize the margin of the right hepatic lobe.
  • ICG fluorescence is also used to guide the right hepatic duct division.
  • The patient is placed in a right semi-lateral modified lithotomy position.
  • A double-lumen endotracheal tube is used to independently ventilate the left lung.
  • A right lumbar bean bag is used to elevate the right lobe to aid in the mobilization of the right lobe.
CT scans (venous phase)

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CT scans (arterial phase)

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MR Reconstruction Model