Case Description
  • The patient is 39 years old, with a benign hepatic adenoma found on the underside of the segment 5 liver.
  • A segment 6/7 resection was ruled unnecessary due to the benign nature of the tumor.
  • A laparoscopic segment 5 tumorectomy was planned, using an ultrasound dissector as well as the Pringle maneuver to occlude portal and hepatic artery inflow.
  • The Pringle maneuver is used throughout the transection phase, with a maximum duration of 20 minutes, followed by a 5-minute interval of reperfusion.
  • The ultrasonic dissector was used to carefully skeletonize the segment 6 hepatic artery, preserving it while the tumor was dissected and removed.
MRI scans (arterial)

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MRI scans (venous)

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