Patient Teaching: living donor right hepatectomy


Information for patients and family

A Living Donor Right Hepatectomy procedure is a surgery to remove the right half of an individual's liver to be used for organ transplantation. During the surgery, the liver tissue is safely divided, and several blood vessels and other structures are divided.
Surgeons at Toronto General Hospital perform about 140 liver transplants a year, 20-30 of those are from living donors.
Most liver donors are discharged from the hospital 5-7 days after the surgery for home recovery for about around 6-8 weeks. It will take around 3-4 months for you to fully recover and do all of your normal activities.

Video chapters

Chapter 1: Live donors
Chapter 2: Anatomy
Chapter 3: Workup process
Chapter 4: Pre-op setup
Chapter 5: Hepatectomy procedure
Chapter 6: Risks
Chapter 7: Post-op care

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