Case description
  • A 45-year old woman will be a living kidney donor for a 47-year old man with advanced kidney failure.
  • This video will demonstrate preparation of the kidney graft, vascular and ureteric reconstruction of the kidney graft in the recipient.
Surgical Plan
  • To prepare the kidney graft, two renal arteries will be reconstructed into a single channel for anastomosis to the recipient iliac artery.
  • Once the external iliac artery and vein are exposed, the renal vein will be anastomosed to the recipient external iliac vein. This will be followed by arterial anastomosis using a parachute technique.
  • An incision will be made on the anterolateral bladder wall. The ureter will be spatulated and passed posterior to the spermatic cord.
  • The ureter will be anastomosed to the bladder over a stent.
3D models