Hi there, my name is Lesia Szyca, and as the newest TVA Surg member, I would like to introduce myself for this month’s blog post.

Before completing my Masters in Biomedical Communications at the University of Toronto, I completed my undergraduate degree in Biology and Concurrent Education with a minor in Studio Arts at York University.

I began my journey into Medical Illustration through Fine Arts. I was passionate about capturing realism in my work. This pursuit of realism led me to the highly complex subject matter of anatomy.

Somewhere along the way, I fell in love with Biology, specifically Cellular and Molecular Biology. After graduation, I worked in a Bioinformatics lab, where I helped communicate large data sets.

I enjoyed the challenge of communicating complex information and wanted to push my skills further. So I applied for a Master's in Biomedical Communication at the University of Toronto.

There I had the opportunity to collaborate with brilliant students and faculty. I was exposed to the various flavors of Biomedical Communication including Surgical Illustration.

I am fortunate to continue exploring my interests in Medicine, Education, and Biomedical communications here at TVASurg.

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