In June, TVASurg production members Joy and Lesia had the opportunity to attend VidCon in Anaheim, California to see what’s new in the world of social media, gain insights into the future of digital content, and connect with other digital creators.

This three-day conference, June 21- 24, 2023, hosted featured talks and panels from industry experts and thought leaders alike on a breadth of topics including video production, animation, monetization, storyboarding, scriptwriting, legal advice, and branding. We got first-hand insider tips, tricks, and strategies from the best and the brightest in digital media, walking away with current best practices, cautionary tales, and insight on the trends coming up in social media.

AI in Action 

The landscape of digital media has changed dramatically in the past few years, as such AI was heavily featured in this year’s conference. We attended some exciting talks on how AI can be used to streamline production and expand into new markets. Generative AI tools such as ChatGPT can help us become better creators by minimizing tedious tasks, allowing us to spend more time on the creative aspect of video production, like exploring different storytelling techniques. Combining AI and human creativity will be the future of high-quality video content.

Advancements in AI dubbing hold a promising key to unlocking global audiences. Barriers remain due to the complexity, and regional nature of medical terminology, but we are excited to continue our efforts in translating our content to and look for strategies to scale these efforts.

Short thoughts on shorts

Short form video content was also a hot discussion topic, which is something we are working at TVASURG. The bite-sized content can retain viewer's attention, more accessible, easily shared and therefore reach a broader audience and increase engagement.

Because of the increase in video content in social media, there are many new video editing softwares available. We have been experimenting with other free video editing software into our workflow, in addition to our love for DaVinci Resolve by Blackmagic Design (see our previous posts here, here, and here). CapCut is another easy to use video editing software that we’ve begun to use for some of our videos.


Consistency and 50K Subscribers ! 

One of the key takeaways from this conference is consistency. Consistency is key for building an audience. At TVASurg we’ve been consistently releasing one video every month since 2014, –one reason why we’ve recently hit 50K subscribers on YouTube! Thank you again for all of your support!!!

Overall, VidCon was a very insightful experience for us. It helped us identify areas we need to work on and also provided inspiration for our upcoming (short) video projects.

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TVASurg Team

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