The TVASurg is happy to announce the public beta release of our VR Surgical Anatomy Module. We'd like to invite anyone interested in exploring the role of Virtual Reality in healthcare to download, test out and let us know your thoughts on the module.

The module is available in 2 versions, one that supports the Leap Motion controller, and one that supports the default HTC Vive controller. The download links for both are listed below:

The modules are currently only available for the HTC Vive. Special thanks to the Leap Motion team for releasing their SDK, as well as thestonefox for developing the VRTK Toolkit - without these generous developers, the learning curve in VR development would have been much more steep to climb.

In addition to the module itself, we've included a short tutorial session at the beginning to familiarize users to the control scheme used in both the Leap Motion version and the Vive controller version.

Feedback and comments are welcome! Please send them to

Future directions: Medical Imaging VR Module

As some of our subscribers have learned, we've also been developing a VR Medical Imaging Module. This module allows raw medical imaging data (e.g. CT/MRI scans) to be imported directly into Virtual Reality.

The user would have the ability to move, rotate the anatomy depicted, and also transverse or slice through the data to reveal internal structures such as vessels and ducts. We are aiming to develop a public beta release for this module in the next few months.

If you'd like to be updated when this module is released, please do subscribe to our newsletter to receive our latest updates.

- The TVASurg Team

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