Virtual Interactive Cases

Features of the VIC System

  • VIC cases are exploratory, not branching. Actions can be taken in any order.
  • Actions can have associated images, sounds and video clips.
  • Images, sounds and video clips that are common to many cases can be stored in a library that is shared by all cases.
  • Feedback is provided in a debriefing at the end of the case, listing:
    • Essential actions taken
    • Essential actions missed
    • Contraindicated actions taken
    • Actions done in the wrong order
    • Total time and cost of actions
    • Score reflecting performance in patient assessment
  • VIC case creation is optimized for rapid case development with the use of templates and "Drag and Drop" for copying actions between cases.
  • VIC cases do not require connection to a database, so they can be played without a connection to the Internet, and can be distributed on DVD.
  • VIC cases can be accessed on the Web by copying the case folder to a Web server.
  • VIC cases can be configured for student assessment, sending the log of the student's actions and debriefing to an E-mail address or saving it to a local disk drive.
  • The VIC system can be easily localized for any language, since all static text for the buttons and menus in the VIC Editor and VIC Player is contained in a "language" file.
  • The VIC system is not limited to creating medical cases.
    • The six main tabs in the case and their sub-menus can be edited with the VIC Editor to create cases for any discipline.

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