Segment I/IV mesoheptectomy

Liver resection of segments I, IVa & IVb, with wedge resections of segments III, V & VI


00:07  Surgical Planning

02:49  Exposure & mobilization

04:16  Portal dissection

05:51  Hepatic vein dissection

06:35  First liver transection

08:26  Second liver transection

10:02  Wedge resection

10:38  Inspection and closure


Case description
  • A 57 year old woman was diagnosed with lesions in segments I & IV. In addition, there were small lesions in segments III, V, and VI.
  • Due to fatty liver, and a patient who has been subject to a large amount of chemotherapy, a segment I/IV resection was considered the best option.
  • While a left hepatectomy with caudate resection could be considered, a mesohepatectomy with multiple wedge resections is more parenchymal preserving.
Surgical plan
  • The relationship of the segment IV lesion will require resection of the MHV.
  • Options for mobilizing caudate are exclusively from left, exclusively from right, or a combination of both. The best option is one which yields as much control as possible.
  • The replaced left hepatic artery, and right hepatic artery will remain intact.
  • All inflow to the caudate, a segment I artery and segment I portal vein branches, will be divided.
  • Following dissection of the porto-umbilical fissure, segment IV arteries and portal vein branches will be divided.
  • The segment IV pedicle will be divided at the end of transecting the porto-umbilical fissure plane.
  • The segment I pedicle will be divided at the end of transecting the right hepatectomy plane.
  • The MHV will be divided at the end of transection.
  • A bridge of parenchyma will remain to protect the LPV and contents of the segment II/III pedicle.
CT scans

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MRI scans

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