Bronchoscopy Simulation


The Bronchoscopy Simulation is intended to be a resource for educators and clinicians to teach and learn the bronchoscopy procedure. This application gives both a schematic overview of the procedure as well as interactive video clips depicting the path through the lungs.


The Bronchoscopy Simulation allows users to move the bronchoscope throughout the tracheo-bronchial tree by clicking on the directional arrows under the "Bronchoscopic view" at the right of the simulation. Clicking on the labels (A-Z) on the "Bronchoscopic view" provides details of the structures. Navigation is aided by the "Bronchial Tree Navigational Map" on the left of the simulation, which shows the current location of the bronchoscope as an orange line in the airway.

screen capture of the bronchoscopy simulation

Click on the image above to open the Bronchoscopy Simulation.