Welcome to the Toronto General Hospital Department of Anesthesia Awake Bronchoscopic Intubation website. The content of this website is intended for anesthesiologists of all levels, including residents, fellows and staff anesthesiologists. It also serves as a resource for Emergency and Intensive Care physicians who may be required on occasion to perform an awake bronchoscopic intubation.

There are 5 modules. Modules 1 - 4 can be taken in any order with Module 5 best completed after the other modules. Within each module, the reader starts with basic information and can move onto advanced concepts. The participant is encouraged to take the self test at the end of each module or at the completion of all the modules to reinforce learning.

Module 1

Module 1 covers the 'anatomy' of the bronchoscope including how to use it effectively and safely.

Module 1

Module 2 discusses ancillary equipment utilised during awake bronchoscopic intubation, including the choice of endotracheal tube and bronchoscopic intubation via a supraglottic airway.

Module 1

Module 3 covers the most important aspect of awake bronchosocpic intubation – that is, deciding to do one in the first place. Physical preparation and consent of the patient is discussed in this module.

Module 1

Module 4 is devoted to the medications used in awake bronchoscopic intubation: local anesthesia, antisalogogues and sedatives. Various methods of applying local anesthesia are described.

Module 1

Module 5 puts the whole procedure together – including a step-by-step guide to awake bronchoscopic intubation.

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