VIRTUAL Anesthesia

screen capture of VIRTUAL Anesthesia simulation
Run the simulation of intraoperative hemodynamic management.

Simulation of intraoperative hemodynamic management

This simulation covers anesthetic management of an abdominal general surgery procedure. You will be presented with the surgical procedure being performed and the preoperative assessment of the patient, including the results of laboratory tests and the medications the patient is currently taking.

Your task

Your task will be to administer appropriate preoperative medications or fluids, induce the anesthesia and maintain the depth of anesthesia during the course of the surgery while preserving hemodynamic stability. You can adjust the mean alveolar concentration (MAC) of anesthetic gas, and administer vasoactive drugs and fluids that you consider appropriate in response to changes in the patient’s condition.

This simulation is focused on hemodynamic management, so the patient’s respiratory status and gas exchange are normal throughout the case.


You may treat the patient with the following interventions:

  • Infusion medications
  • Bolus medications
  • Fluid replacement

Score and debriefing

Feedback will be provided at the end of each case with an overall score reflecting your success in managing the case, and a debriefing describing the items used in calculating the score. The scoring is similar to golf -- that is, a lower score is a better score. Points will be added to your score for the amount and time that the patient's physiologic parameters (heart rate, temperature, blood pressure, cardiac output, hematocrit, electrolytes) fall outside defined limits. In addition, points will be added if you fail to take specific actions in response to certain events.