Virtual Interactive Case Creation Club (VICCC)


VICCC is a club run by undergraduate medical students at the University of Toronto dedicated to improving medical education at the individual and curriculum levels through the creation of virtual interactive cases. VICCC is just getting started! It was founded in 2013 and is now formally recognized by the University of Toronto Medical Society (MedSoc).

VICCC offers the undergraduate community the opportunity and the resources to build an interactive case in collaboration with peers, residents, the PIE team, and other faculty. Our goal is to develop hundreds of cases to enable the development and reinforcement of an approach to common patient presentations at an undergraduate and postgraduate level. VICCC is also actively promoting student education and the development of students as educators through student-led review lectures of differential diagnoses and interactive case-based learning.

2013 Executive

President: Ayesha Malik

The President is responsible for the overall management of the executive team, and for collaboration with faculty.

VP – Internal: Mohini Patel (MAM) and Navjot Rai (St. George)

The VP-Internals are responsible for the planning of club meetings and events.

VP – Communications: Priyanka Kapil and Sabah Khan

The VP-Communication team is responsible for managing communication between St. George and Mississauga campus. It is crucial for marketing VICCC meetings and activities to the wider student body through email and social networks. Responsible for heading Facebook group.

VP – Secretary: Danusha Foster

The VP-Secretary is responsible for meeting minutes and the distribution of tasks between members. Responsible for updating the VICCC blog and keeping track of VICCC-related news.

VP – Treasurer: Melanie Wong

Responsible for managing finances.

VP – Operations: Roger Habashi and Saurabh Kalra

VP-Operations keeps track of VIC distribution, provides technical support for VIC, and develops visual content for case creation. e.g. takes pictures of various clinical settings with different health care providers and patients.

VP – Education: Michael Wong (MAM) and Prateek Sehgal (St. George)

The VP-Education is responsible for coordinating development of cases and educational talks for undergraduate medical students. Currently, we are working on developing cases for the differential diagnosis of RUQ pain.

VP – External: Vanda McNiven and Olivia Li

The VP-External is responsible for exploring opportunities for members to present cases at competitions at a broader level and for advocating the use of virtual interactive cases in the medical school curriculum. The VP external is also responsible for editing content for the website.

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