Welcome to the VIRTUAL Liver website. This site is intended to be a destination for educators and students looking for tools that facilitate the teaching and learning of liver anatomy.

This learning resource provides an in-depth, interactive, 3D look at the liver to help user’s gain greater understanding of the complex spatial relationships of the liver’s internal anatomy.

Note: This module was developed with Adobe Flash, and Flash is no longer supported by web browsers. However, there is a new Flash emulator called Ruffle which is under development. Currently, the Virtual Liver, Virtual Bronchoscopy, Cardiac Embryology, and POPS simulation are the only PIE Flash modules that work with Ruffle, but as development is ongoing, future releases of Ruffle will work with other PIE modules. This will be indicated on the web page for each module.

Issues with the Virtual Liiver:Some functions of the Common Anatomy section of the Virtual Liver now work with the latest version of Ruffle (Dec 19, 2021). It takes time to load, and Ruffle hasn’t yet implemented the indication of loading progress, but the presence of the “Visibility buttons” give an indication they have loaded. Once they are all loaded, the rotating performance is not as fast as the original Flash, but still usable. The labels all work with the rotation. With the latest release of Ruffle (Feb 9, 2022), the CT images now load and appear to the left of the Visibility buttons. The sections for Liver segmentation are still not functional. However, enough works for it to be useful, and hopefully more features will work as they update the Chrome extension in the coming months.

Ruffle can be installed as an extension to the Chrome browser which will allow these modules to play. This extension can be downloaded from the Chrome Web Store:

Chrome VIRTUAL Liver screenshot

Read more or launch the Interactive 3D Liver Anatomy application (alpha release).

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September 10, 2008

VIRTUAL Liver website is launched with Beta version of Interactive 3D Liver Anatomy available for use.