Anatomy Review


This module requires the Unity plug-in (installed automatically).

The Anatomy Review module has sections covering the anatomy of the Aortic Valve, the Aortic Root and Related Structures. Each of these sections contains a 3D model of the structure that can be freely rotated in any direction and zoomed in or out for a better view. The 3D models of the aortic valve and root are animated to show changes in the structure in systole and diastole. This teaching resource can be used by medical educators in the classroom, and by trainees for self-study.


  • 3D model can be rotated freely to view the structure from any direction by dragging the mouse over the model.
  • The image can be zoomed out or in by dragging the slider up or down at the right of the screen.
  • The structure can be animated by clicking on the button at the top left of the screen.