Functional Review


This module requires the Unity plug-in (installed automatically).

The Functional Review module illustrates the function of the aortic valve and related structures during the cardiac cycle. The Anatomy tab describes the changes in the structures during the cardiac cycle, and the Hemodymanics tab shows how these changes correspond to the changes in pressure and volume of the heart in a Wiggers diagram. This teaching resource can be used by medical educators in the classroom, and by trainees for self-study.


  • 3D model can be rotated freely to view the structure from any direction by dragging the mouse over the model.
  • The aortic valve can be shown or hidden by clicking on the Aortic Valve On/Off button at the top of the screen.
  • The animation of the cardiac cycle can be paused or resumed by clicking on the Play/Pause button, and the animation can be controlled by dragging the button on the progress bar below the text or Wiggers diagram.