The Toronto Video Atlas of Liver, Pancreas, Biliary, and Transplant Surgery is happy to announce our article “Visualising a rare and complex case of advanced hilar cholangiocarcinoma” in the Journal of Visual Communication in Medicine is now published online on March 14 2017. This paper is written in collaboration with Dr. Anne Agur and Dr. Jodie Jenkinson from the University of Toronto.

Figure 2 from the publication: (A) CT scans are imported into Myrian software to generate 3D models. A CT scan showing tumour spread to the left vascular structure makes the reconstruction process more difficult. (B) Surface meshes are exported from Myrian as OBJs and imported into Cinema 4D. (C) Raw surface meshes are rebuilt into 3D polygonal mesh models in Cinema 4D. (D) Shaders and lighting are applied to 3D polygonal models to reflect the aggressive nature of the Klatskin tumour.

The paper is based on one of the videos in our atlas “Klatskin tumours: Extended hepatectomy with complex portal vein reconstruction and in situ cold perfusion of the liver”. The paper describes the methodologies used in producing this 3D animation-enhanced surgical video. We decided to base our paper on this case because Klatskin tumours are a very rare disease; therefore they are rarely visualized. We wish to share our visualization strategies through this paper.

The paper dives into the details of filming a complex Klatskin resection on camera, reconstructing 3D models of an advanced Klatskin tumour, how the tumour and hepato-biliary structures are visually treated, and how they are integrated with live footage to enhance the educational value of surgical footage.

Please give it a read if you are interested how we make our videos! The article can be accessed here.

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