Virtual Interactive Cases: Obstetric Medicine Cases


Obstetric Medicine is a subspecialty of Internal Medicine that focuses on the management of medical problems in pregnant women. During core training for Internal Medicine (PGY1-3), many residents are not involved in the care of pregnant women. Furthermore, there are several medical conditions that are specific to pregnancy and occur only rarely; and so trainees may not have the ability to identify and manage such problems in actual patients as part of their clinical training. The Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada states that managing medical problems in pregnancy is a core competency of Internal Medicine, and so there is a potential gap in training.

VIC cases offer the ideal opportunity for trainees to test their ability to diagnose and manage a wide variety of medical problems in pregnancy in a virtual setting. The original 10 cases were developed by Dr. Laura Walker in 2018, who was a PGY5 in General Internal Medicine at the time. Dr. Shital Gandhi is the faculty member who supervised their development. There is an ongoing commitment to expand the number of cases, and to evaluate the usefulness of virtual cases as a part of core internal medicine training. For more information, please contact Dr. Gandhi at


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